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Bookie Guy allows users to effortlessly place bets on anything around the world at any time. Our portal allows you to bet against your friends or strangers on virtually anything you wish, whether it’s the latest World Series games, cricket matches, or the next winning horse. Fancy something a little more bizarre? How about placing a bet on the discovery of alien life, or when will the first snowfall in the US next winter ?

To place your bet all you simply have to do is create an account and make a deposit of Bitcoin into your account. Next, bet the amount of your choice on either a previously created bet or your own new bet and wait for others to take up your bet. We do not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals.

To make the process even easier you can use virtual Bitcoin (VBTC) to get you started, for free! Once you get the hang of placing and taking bets, simply switch your account to real currency and get ready to take on the worlds bets and make some real money... It’s really that simple!
In addition, you can easily create private or public bets at any time which means you can choose to bet against just your friends or you can open your bet up to the world.

Our Features

  • Virtual Bitcoin (VBTC) mode allows you to use all features on the site for FREE
  • Free deposits and withdrawals at anytime
  • Support teams available 24/7 to help you
  • Translators work to make available your bet worldwide
  • Create public or private bets whenever you wish
  • Win more money by taking part in betting tournaments

How does it work ?

When you are ready to place your first bet, simply create an account or log into your existing account. Next, choose either to take someone's bet or to create your own new bet. The virtual mode allows you to create bets, take up other user’s bets and even participate in tournaments.

While playing in the virtual mode you can refill your virtual Bitcoin balance by +1 VBTC every 24 hours when your balance goes bellow 0.1 VBTC. Once you have the hang of placing and taking bets in the virtual mode you have the option to switch your account to real Bitcoin to make your betting experience just that little bit more exciting.

Our affiliates earn a lifetime income

By making use of the social share buttons or sharing your unique affiliate link, you will be able to earn a lifetime commission based income for every bet won by users who have signed up to thanks to you.
Through our affiliate programme users can earn real or virtual Bitcoin without much effort.

Bet we got you interested ? offers you the possibility to earn real Bitcoin by simply sharing links with your friends and family. You can use these earned Bitcoin to place more bets or withdraw them for free at anytime.
You can easily track your user list and your commissions from your account menu.