Here we have listed our frequently asked questions relating to online betting on BookieGuy.com
If you have any additional queries do not hesitate to contact us. We have a dedicated support team available 24/7.

Bitcoin transfers are public data, it gives the recipient the amount and the wallet address of the sender.
Our system check for transfers every minute and automatically deposits amounts to the accounts of the matching public addresses. You are free to provide as many wallets as you want. These can be managed from your account settings.
Taxes for each country varies, it is best to have a look at your local tax regulations when converting your winning Bitcoin to hard cash.
Each country implements its own age restrictions for placing bets. For most countries, this age is 18 and over. Have a look at what your local laws state.
There is no maximum bet amount. As long as you are not betting more money that you have in your balance, you’re good to go !
Simply switch your account to “Virtual Bitcoin" and you can bet using VBTC instead of real Bitcoin. You can deposit 1 VBTC once a day every time your balance goes bellow 0.1 VBTC.
Depositing VBTC is totally free.
To deposit real Bitcoin you need to add your wallet address in your account menu and then send the amount of your choice to our wallet using the deposit/withdraw menu by clicking on your balance.
As soon as the transaction is verified and visible on the blockchain, your balance will receive the amount. There are no fees for this transaction.
You can withdraw Bitcoin whenever you want to your wallet previously added to your account. There are no conditions and no fee for doing this.
When both players claim to have won a bet, our support team will review the situation. If an outcome can be determined, a winner will be selected, and the player who made a mistake will take the loss. If no outcome can be set, both players will get a refund and both will be responsible for the loss.
Log into your account
Go to the Bets tab to view all current bets
Select the Create A Bet tab
Create your bet
Simply go to the Bets page. once you've selected the bet you want to take, click on "take".
You can easily navigate all the betting options from the categories tab. Alternatively, head on over to the Bets tab and filter your search for the sport or bet you are looking for. If the bet you are looking for is not available there, simply create your own bet.
All countries have different laws pertaining to online betting. Check the local laws of your country for more information regarding the legality of online betting.
There is no minimum betting amount on BookieGuy.com. Simply select which portion of a Bitcoin you want to bet and take that bet you want.